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Revealed : Top 10 On Screen Biggest Goof Ups in Bollywood films

The other side of Bollywood is drama, Masala and loads of fun for the audience. But with all these three elements together you can find things very much funny when the careless filmmaker are seen committing silly bloopers while reaching to their audience. Perhaps, if you have not noticed the goof ups being made by the filmmakers, this following list would be interesting to catch, how about checking the same as under:

1). Air Dropped in Jab Hai Jaan

The much hyped movie of 2012 was Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring SRK and Anushka Sharma, wherein you have strange good-up seen in it. You find Anushka standing over the small cliff right at the centre of the said lake without having a single drop of water over her body. Perhaps only god can tell you how this lady has reached out over the cliff without actually swimming and getting wet.

2). Identity crisis in 3 Idiots

If you remember the character of Mona Singh in the film 3 Idiots, it was nothing but Poonam, however, her name changes when her father finds her lying down over the TT table as he says Mona Push rather calling her with her oringal name. Seems that Raju too got carried away in the emotions and allowed a scene with identity crisis.

3). PIL at a wrong Court in Lolly LLB

If you remember the movie Jolly LLB you find Arshad Warsi in the character of a lawyer. He is seen filling the PIL in the session court, while actually these litigations are filed only in High Court. What a tragedy, how can the filmmakers commit such a blunder.

4). Wrong Train in Jab We Met

The movie of Imtiyaz Ali- Jab We Met hitting in 2007 was a big hit but the talented director was seen missing one important point. You would find the lead actors – Shahid and Kareena travelling in between Mumbai and Delhi, however, the train number shown out there was 2137, which is basically Punjab Mail.

5). A bike of Future in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The biopic of Milkha Singh played by Farhan Akhtar was well appreciated by both audience and critics, however, the director Rakeysh O Mehta was seen coming a big mistake. The bike – model Royal Enfield, which the actor is seen riding happens to be the model of 2012, it seems that Farhan is shooting for a modern day sportsman than the man of sixties.

6). Step up with no Hands in Jai Ho

The movie Jai Ho coined a good concept of a chain of righteousness, however, the movie committed a big blunder. Here you would find the lady Genelia D Souza committing a suicide as she hardly finds anyone to write her test paper. But it is interesting to see how she stands up over the parapet without taking the help of anyone and needless to say that she has no hands, which helped her to reach that height to commit suicide.

7). Side Tracked in RaOne

The much hyped and high budget movie of SRK of 2011 was RaOne, however, a goof-up is being noticed in this movie as well. In the climax you find a local train crossing Bandra station passing the Vile Parle station and finally reaching out getting crashed at the CST train station. Anyone knowing the Bombay city would tell you that these two stations are bank opposite to CST, with the duo (Bandra and Ville Parle) at the western line, while CST at the central line.

8) Star concession in Chalte Chalte

SRK and Rani Mukherji seemed incredible in the movie Chalte Chalte, however, the same movie had a goof-up worth laughing. You would find both the lead stars flying to Spain the moment he finds Rani to be engaged to her old time friend. Well, it is possible to get the visa in just one day, perhaps they have used the celebrity power to get the same.

9). Cricket Mess in Kai Po Che

The movie Kai Po Che gave Shushant a good break in Bollywood, however, the movie had made one gross blunder. The movie talks about the characters shown in between 2001 and 2002, however, the image they cut and paste over their sport products store is of Sachin Tedulkar of 2007 world cup.

10). Some Miscalculations in Kuch Kuch sizzlinga Hai

Well the movie Kuch Kuch sizzlinga Hai was a big hit for Karan Johar, however, did see certain miscalculations giving a hilarious goof-up. Well, you find Rani Mukherji in the movie writing eight letters to her daughter for her eight birthday . However, it is possible to read them all and understand the content of the letters at the age of eight?

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