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REVEALED: From Aly Goni-Jasmin Bhasin to Varun Sood-Divya Agarwal, these 5 TV couples are in a live-in relationship!

Today, almost 40% of couples have admitted the significance of a live-in relationship in a relation. We Indians have accepted the modern culture and the contemporary practice. One of them is a live-In relationship and although this trend was started with our entertainment and TV industry.

Here’s the list of 5 Television celebrity couples who are currently staying in a live-in relationship:

1. Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin:

tv actors
TV actors

Bigg Boss fame couple and TV Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin are already spreading a lot of couple goals to their fans. The duo fell in love with each other in the Bigg Boss season 14. But did you know that couple is currently living together as well? Yes, Aly and Jasmin are staying together and embracing their love story. Earlier in an interview, Aly Goni had admitted the fact that he is residing with his girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin.

2. Sanam Johar and Abigail Pande:

TV actors
TV actors

Instagram’s favorite sizzling couple Sanam Johar and Abigail Pande are definitely staying together as we could always spot them in each other’s feed. The couple has almost completed 6 years together and living happily with each other.

3. Mohit Hiranandani and Steffi Kingham:

TV actors
TV actors

Reality show and TV star Mohit Hiranandani is currently dating his long-time friend Steffi Kingham. Steffi Kingham is a YouTuber and currently resides with his boyfriend Mohit Hiranandani. However, according to the sources, the duo is all set to get married soon.

4. Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood:

TV actors
TV actors

Reality show king and queen Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood are one most famous couples in the TV and OTT Industry. Varun proposed Divya in the most beautiful manner in a very known reality show in front of all. Divya and Varun both have admitted that they are in a live-in relationship and always feed up their social media with their romantic tints.

5. Sreejita Dey and Michael BP:

TV actors
TV actors

TV actress Sreejita Dey is in a relationship with his German beau Michael and currently staying together in a live-in relationship. The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2019 and was about to get married in 2020 but due to the lockdown, the couple postponed the wedding, and now recently the actress has announced that she will be tying the knot soon.

Here’s wishing these beautiful couples a happy, adventurous time ahead!

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