Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Renuka Shahane corners one troller on social media

Renuka Shahane

The Surabi host Renuka Shahane who is known for her innocent smile is also known for voicing her strong views on social media. Of late, we see her expressing her anguish regarding the rising cases of social distress in the society. Right from the controversial issue of Sonu Nigam on loudspeakers at mosques to the campaign called #NotInMyName, the actress has made her presence felt on different social networking sites making headlines. However, as we know social media has its own merits and demerits wherein issues like trolling and cyberbullying have become the integral part of this world.
Ironically this aspects simply spreads hate messages and has all capabilities to make you really feel deprived. We know the celebs have been often the victim of trolls by a number of haters. They have time and again humiliated the celebrities living inside the veil of social media. Though many of the celebs are unable to give fitting response to these trolls but in Renuka’s case, she made the troller go flat on the ground.
When she was seen expressing her grief over the recent death of Amarnath pilgrims in a terrorist attack, when she was seen with number of abuses falling close to her. A Twitter troller alleged that she has expressed her grief only get coverage in the media in an abusing language. Soon she took the screenshot of the abuse and posted on her Facebook account. Later she was seen making this man public, which compelled him seek apology and later delete his account to run away.

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