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Remembrance of Past Sex Films : Shooting Seductive Scenes in Reality

SEX’ – Despite its just a three letter word but on the other hand it is something which is actually grooving the entire Bollywood, well when it comes to such scenes that to while shooting in the films, our Indian standard censor board have some toughest rules evaluating criteria which is hardly been into escaped by the film makers and thus what we all are having a glance is nothing but the extraction of censor board. Such rules and evaluating criteria were followed since long time when making movie was called as an impossible dream. However what if we can give you all a glance of those movies which have been eliminated like anything, some were taken into consideration after giving them couple of cuts and last but not the least those which were along Banned all over the globe just because of too much expose of such scenes. Let’s have a quick glance of all such movies one by one..

Love: Initiating with the French film ‘Love’ which was about to touch the floors on 2015 but just because the entire film was involving real sex scenes it was not able to touch the floors.

Short Bus: When it comes movie making then Americans are the first person who grabs such opportunity and talking about ‘ShortBus’ then it was flooded with those romantic scenes that none of us have ever thought off.

In the Realm of the Senses: One of the best Japanese film for such shots wherein it explores the story of a psycho killer lady who kills your sex partner after sex.

In the Realm of the Senses

nooky Scene by Scarlet Diva : One of the renowned Italian actress and indeed a maker as well made all the shooting based on reality.

nooky Scene by Scarlet Diva

Pink Flamingos: One of the oldest saga which was banned to expose terrific bold scenes

Chatrak: When it comes to making then who says that Indian are chasing behind? And yes ‘Chatrak’ was one of those films which actually a blast of controversy during its release in the Bollywood.

Gandu: Last but not the least a movie which was sizzling all over the globe with a name Anubrata Basu, but unfortunately in 2010 it was not mature enough that it can be taken into glance by the audience.

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