Redefining Digital World: Meet Indian Serial Entrepreneur Siddhant Thakran aka Siddhant Kumar

Siddhant Thakran

Digital marketing is a fleeting arena in today’s time and Digital Growth is a must. The key element to stay relevant in this highly dynamic industry is to keep hustling and staying updated. With the world well into the 21st century, technology has reached its zenith already ‘Change’ is the new constant. To claim success as a digital marketer you have to showcase your own business to attract individuals and brands near you building trust. We came across India’s most excellent digital marketer or Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurship in India Siddhant Kumar aka Siddhant Thakran.

Running a successful digital marketing company name Widenium Digital for quite a long time now, Siddhant a 18 year-old is also a young full-stack web developer, Personal Branding Expert, Event Manager, and Talent Manager. Surely, the versatile personality of Siddhant Kumar aka Siddhant Thakran, has come a long way from an ordinary digital marketer. The ‘eager’ student focusses on building meaningful and fruitful relationships with his clients proving his credibility in the field. Siddhant’s company, Webtenium Ventures is a parent company that has three subsidiaries – Widenium Digital (A digital house built for all!), Posh18 Network (Premium Influencer Marketing, Growth & Management Company), and lastly Waypreneur Magazine (Media/News). Surely he knows how to make a brand out of nothing.

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Hailing from New Delhi, India Siddhant Kumar aka Siddhant Thakran holds the honor of being Asia’s Youngest No.1 Digital Marketer/Business Coach and has collaborated/worked with many notable celebrities and businesses internationally as well. His network is unparalleled as he firmly believes in leveraging all his time and resources to bring out the best from every situation.

Businesses have taken a hard hit as the world attempts to battle against COVID-19. But Siddhant views this as an opportunity to build his network and leverage his time and his entrepreneurial skills efficiently which led to him successfully working with the staging of many well-recognized artists. He constructed an impactful journey which he owes to holding on to his unique vision and exemplary approach towards the market.

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