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Rebeloma’s Lastbenchers and Emraan Hashmi’s Raja Natwarlal Clashes

Lastbenchers and raja natwarlal

The date 29th August 2014 will witness two movies hitting the theaters. At one end, you have Lastbenchers from the debut director Prajakt Rebeloma, while on the other end; you have Raja Natwarlal of Emraan Hashmi too hitting the theaters. The main lead characters of Lastbenchers include Prajakt Rebeloma, Tanvi Lonkar and Sanket Galactus. The movie revolves around four college students who remain backbenchers all their lives but when it comes to facing it, they leave no stone unturned in order to rule it with their exceptional talent and hard work. It has everything, right from comedy, fun, enjoyment, lessons, inspirations, romance, love and heartbreak, everything, which the youngsters can really have good time catching up the movie.

On the other end, you have Raja Natwarlal hitting the theaters, which is a Bollywood crime comedy, directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur. The lead characters in the movie include Emran Hashmi, Humaima Malik, Kay Kay Menon and Paresh Rawal. Yuvan has given music in this movie. The movie is all about Emran and Paresh Rawal partnership to con one of the millionaires called Vardha Yadav played by Kay Kay Menon. It has action, revenge, love, romance and everything, one can expect in the movie. Comparing the two, Rebeloma is meant for youngsters and college going students, while Raja Natwarlal is a movie, which is a typical Bollywood masala movie. Hence a fight against each other could be inevitable to witness the coming 29th August when both of these two movies are hitting the theaters together.

Lastbenchers comes from the one-man army called Prajakt Rebeloma wherein he has done everything right from acting, writing down story, lyrics, direction, etc. This is his debut movie project wherein he has tried to embark with something called the Genre Inspirational College Drama in the form of Lastbenchers. The movie is currently into promotion and if everything work in its favour, you are likely to catch up good response with the day one collection tolling not less than 5-7 crores considering the fact that a good proportion of audience comprises of the students only. Despite the fact that Lastbenchers has no star value, no big banner attached, yet the kind of script it carries can set the trends for newcomers in this industry.

On the contrary, Raja Natwarlal comes from a big brand UTV, which is a known group, having a couple of stars with higher face and star value. It is all together a different movie, which comprises of a typical spice blend witnessed unlike in any Bollywood movie. Whether it will give a tough fight to Lastbenchers or not would be interesting to watch. Perhaps this would be dawned at us only when these two movies would finally hit the theatres and we get the box office reports in our hand. Unlike the other, even Raja Natwarlal too is also competent enough to cross 8 to 10 crore on the day of release considering the star and the brand banner in it. Let us wait and watch how the clash of two movies embarks on 29th August 2014.

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