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The reasons behind why Alia Bhatt has been doing so many AIB Videos?

Alia Bhatt on AIB Videos

Of late, the IQ level of Alia Bhatt has been the hot topic of debate and discussion in the media. This has happened since she was seen saying in the popular show Koffee With Karan that our Indian PM is Prithviraj Chauhan. With humors and jokes surfacing on social media about her wit and general knowledge, she was seen treading a different route wherein she was seen posting a number of Alia Bhatt Genius videos over a number of social media sites. These videos are hilarious wherein she is seen making efforts to increase her IQ level and then cracking some of the toughest questions posed by the same show by Karan Johar.

Amidst all humour and pity for Alia, many tend to understand the reason why the Highway actor has been posting such hilarious videos over a number of social media sites. She was seen being the part and parcel of these hysterical videos with a couple of stand up comedians who were all known to be the AIB (All India Bakchod). In the first video, she was seen trailing with these guys, while in the second video, she seemed very much hilarious reaching out to the next level. In the final video, which was posted on 25th August titled Alia Bhatt- Genius of the Year was seen with loads of things wherein she won her IQ battle.

You didn’t see many of the Bollywood celebrities embarking with such AIB videos over the social media, then why Alia has to do this is a big question to ask. Well not many of her fans would be knowing that her own sister Shaheen Bhatt has been dating with the man called Rohan Joshi who happens to be the one of the key members of AIB. Rohan has been like a family member to Alia and has embarked with this idea of AIB video simply mobilize things for the 2 States actor. Perhaps, this seems adding up the fuel don’t you think so?

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