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Raveena Tandon reveals hilarious moment with Aamir Khan, ‘Aamir Khan had pranked me during Ello Ji Sanam Hum Aa Gaye’

Aamir Khan is an Indian actor, film director, producer, and television talk show host who works in Hindi films. Through his career spanning over 30 years, whereas, Raveena Tandon is an Indian actress, model and producer who works in Hindi films.

Recently Zee TV returned with SA RE GA MA PA 2021, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021 is the 30th season of the longest-running singing reality show of India Sa Re Ga Ma Pa that is scheduled to launch on 16 October 2021. Like other reality shows, this show also has many outstanding contestants and participants. However, viewers are in for a treat this Saturday as the gorgeous Raveena Tandon will appear as the special guest on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa during the ‘Top 8 contestants special’ episode.

While each contestant impressed the Bollywood diva through their performances, it was Sharad’s rendition of ‘Ello Ji Sanam Hum Aa Gaye’ and ‘Kitna Haseen Chehra’ that left Raveena mesmerized. However, what followed was something no one expected! Like last week, Sharad, once again, received a letter from his mysterious lover, asking him to do a unique task. This time around, he had to comfort Raveena the same way Aamir cheered her up when she was angry in the ‘Ello Ji Sanam Hum Aa Gaye’ song sequence of Andaz Apna Apna. Sharad’s performance as Aamir truly left everyone amazed, but that’s not it! Raveena also got nostalgic and revealed how Aamir played a hilarious prank on her during Andaz Apna Apna’s shoot and how she got back at him.

As Raveena Tandon revealed, “I still remember, Aamir and I were shooting on a horse carriage for Andaz Apna Apna. It was a really fun sequence, however, little did I know that the whole unit along with Aamir is planning to pull a prank on me. We were sitting inside the carriage and Aamir was standing behind me while I was getting my makeup done. He asked for a cup of tea and suddenly, I see this hot cup of tea falling from his hand and coming in my direction. I got scared and I immediately tried to duck, only to realize that it was a prank. The cup was empty, and it was tied to the plate through a thread.”
She further added, “While everyone had a laugh at my expense, I was no less. I gave it back to Aamir during the same sequence. At that time, there were no vanity vans, so Aamir had to walk quite a while to use the washroom. While he was away, due to the weather conditions, our director Rajkumar Santoshi Ji told us to pack up for the day. However, I requested master Saroj ji to give Aamir a difficult step and make him practice that step inside the carriage. He did what was instructed, but soon he realized that I was relaxing, and he was the only one practicing. He came to know after 30 minutes that he was pranked. Every time I think of it, it brings a smile to my face even today.”

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