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Raveena Tandon at Los Angeles: Two Glorious Days of Independence Eve But Ending Turns Spoiling

Raveena Tandon at Los Angeles

One of the glorious celeb of Bollywood who’s often named as an inspiration to the looming juniors or small stars but as of now she’s turn out to be the victim of hatred by some fellow drunker. I know these words seem to be audible like something really pathetic happened, but guy’s n gals whether you believe or not the shameful incident happened indeed. Yes, as the title depict the poor victim was none other than the olden gold, the gorgeous film star ‘Raveena Tandon’. A star who’s currently rolling in the foreign countries i.e. at Los Angeles. Check out what exactly she depicted on the same..

Moreover if we move along with the sources then it is said that the drunk man suddenly came on to the stage when the entire crowd was celebrating the 69th Independence day, but hard luck when he was stepping forward to the stage the security guards didn’t grabbed him first. But, unfortunately till the time they could notch him quick it was too late. The main reason behind triggering such non sense in front of everybody was nothing but the unknowing incident that his kids didn’t get to travel in his car with him to the event, which security and protocol didn’t allow and thus that resulted into a hatred who’s fire was outstay by the audience. – As per the sources. Which in turn made the actress to tweet on social networking site i.e. twitter, have a look on what she added..

Raveena Tondon

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