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Ratan Rajput REVEALED a horrifying incident; a boy forcibly dragged her into a jungle

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo actress Ratan Rajput recently revealed the most creepy incident of his life, and A Shocking Revelation will surely leave you stunned. Ratan says goodbye to television for the last few years there is no update that she is going to be a part of any television program. But she is very active on social media so she keeps giving information to fans through her vlogs. In one of her recent vlogs, the actress recalled an incident from her early days when she used to do theater at Delhi’s Mandi House.

Ratan took a new phone for himself and while making a vlog, the actress remembered her shocking incident. Where her phone was snatched and she was caught in a life-threatening situation. Ratan told that when she was returning home from Mandi House, she was talking on the phone with her mother. Soon she realized that someone was trying to grab her phone. And before she could do anything, her phone was snatched away. Ratan said that she was screaming for help but no one stepped forward to help her.

The actress had come to the jungle somewhere far away following the thief where there was no one. She was very worried about seeing the forest and thinking that she was alone. Later she found another boy Ratan asked him to help her but the boy grabbed her hand and was dragging her into the forest forcibly. And he was saying, “Aa tujhe tera phone dilata hoon.” Eventually, she got honest help from a NIFT student, and he dropped Ratan home carefully.

After narrating the whole story of that incident, Ratan said that he feels sad as soon as he remembers Suss Incident.

Ratan got massive fame from Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo as her character of Laali. fans loved her realistic acting. She is also part of the Bigg Boss 7.

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