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Raqesh Bapat opens up on entering the Bigg Boss House

Raqesh Bapat entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry. Raqesh has received overwhelming response from his fans. “People are waiting for me to enter again. Somewhere I wrapped my head around it now, I was not ready before. I had commitments from which I am free now. Also, I feel Shamita (Shetty) is alone, so I really wanted to go in,” says Raqesh.

The actor wants to spend time with Shamita. “I am looking forward to strengthening the bond for sure. I feel it’s a very organic way to go ahead. Obviously there is eventuality, so this is what it is,” says Bapat, adding that he does miss Shamita. “Because in OTT you spend like a thousand hours with that person, and she is a lovely person. I am very fond of her, and we could hardly spend time together outside the house.”

Raqesh says that during Bigg Boss OTT he was shy, as he isn’t the kind of person who will give opinions. “I feel to each its own, but now in a game show like this you need to. I have also realised I don’t need to shy away from it, because I am not judging the person as a person in real life. I am judging the person in the show and the behaviour that he or she shows according to a situation. That’s fair enough to make your voice stronger. This time people would see me voicing my opinions for sure,” says Raqesh.

Raqesh talks about maintaining distance in the Bigg Boss 15 house, “I think sabhi se bach ke rehna chahiye, because everybody is going for the trophy. People are going to play games, and even if they play a game, or have an opinion about you, it is completely related to the game and you cannot take it so seriously in life. You have to react to what that situation in particular is and you have to have a voice in that particular situation. It’s a test of human behaviour actually,” Raqesh signs off.

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