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Ranvir Shorey describes how he was harassed at a hotel after customers learned that his son is Covid-19 positive

Ranvir Shorey recently learned that he and his kid are both COVID -19 positive and have quarantined themselves, taking the utmost care and adhering to all guidelines. The actor claims that after being confined in a hotel in Goa with his family, he was virtually haunted by hotel guests after they realized they were positive for coronavirus.

He posted about his shock on social media and chastised himself for being treated so badly. “As a result of my SM post, meant for the common good, we were almost hounded out of our hotel room, where we were quarantining, due to the guests pressurising the hotel about us staying there. Society’s capacity for unscientific discrimination has been on full display”.

Ranvir further added, “People who wanted selfies until a day before were blackmailing the hotel for discounts and refunds because we were in one of the rooms. We will never forget this experience. It makes me wonder if the world deserves honesty at all.”

The actor previously said that he and his son Haroon tested positive for the virus after undergoing standard RT-PCR tests at the Goa airport on their way back to Mumbai. “My son Haroon and I were on holiday in #Goa, and during the routine RT-PCR testing for the flight back to Mumbai, he has turned out to be #Covid positive. We are both completely asymptomatic and have immediately quarantined until further investigations. The wave is real. #India”.

Many celebrities, including Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, and others, have been heavily criticized for leaving the city to celebrate the New Year. People are accusing celebrities of being irresponsible for failing to take the illness seriously.

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