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Ranveer wants Kat to stay away from his ex- Deepika


It is often believed that if you are having a good friendship with your ex (boy friend or girl friend), you either would develop your good desire to get back or you are simply have a love feeling still for your ex partner. Regardless of things that has transpired between you two; the ex would never leave you despite the fact that you are seen moving ahead in your life. Perhaps, this seems to be coming true to the Rockstar star Ranbir Kapoor, when he is not able to shrug off. Now, you can hear that he has asked Katrina to stay away from her ex girl friend the popular B town actress – Deepika Padukone. Whatever has happened in between Ranbir and Deepika has become a history now, which even the ex lovers would have easily forgotten and buried the same.

However, the new found friendship and love was seen in a big display in the Karan Johar last year movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Their closeness both off screen and on screen during the movie shoot has really raised the eye brows of many people. Now both the exs are seen moving ahead, with Rabir dating Katrina and Deepika seen having good time with his newly found boy friend called Ranveer Singh. However, Ranbir seems to be feeling her ex’s presence still, which is seen apparently when he has asked Kat to stay away from his ex girl friend. As per the rumor mills, Ranbir would be shooting with his ex love at Corsica for their next movie called Tamaasha from Imtiyaz Ali, while he has categorically asked Kat to remain away from the shooting locations or sets.   Perhaps, he has sniffed some catfight, which could occur if the two ladies encounter over the upcoming movie sets. And Ranbir do not want any mess in his new life.

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