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Ranveer Singh & His Fashion Sense: Uniqueness Goes Far Beyond Imagination

Ranveer Singh is known as a dream client for every designer. He is known to lift any kind of design with his dynamically energetic personality. The actor can be called as a savior for a designer with his own interesting and unique style. He once said that his head has more than 200 characters and he says it comes out from his wardrobe. Not all in the B Town has the sense of fashion and style the actor has. He appears damn cool not just with his printing shirts with some weird design but at the same time in the Rajasthani Kurta as well.

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He is bold and he is energetic and has come a long being a typical Delhi boy who went all the way to the US for his higher studies to coming back to Mumbai to get some break in B Town when he cracked Band Baja Barat, he has come a long way giving some of the best performances over the silver screen. Not just playing Bajirao in Bajirao Mastani but also extending his performance playing a monster like man Alahuddin Khilji. We also remember his dance over the Bandra streets while promoting the film of the stylish actor Hrithik Roshan. Let’s check how he inspires with his unique hair style.

Ranveer Singh with Flower Print

Ranveer Singh with Flower Print

With this he has cornered the gender stereotypes with his own unique fashion choice. Once the actor was seen wearing the flower print pants and matching jacket over the pink color t-shirt and he was spotted while getting away from the airport while the white sneakers was seen making him the complete set.

Ranveer Singh in a skirt

Ranveer Singh in a skirt

Well only one man can try this style wearing a skirt and thus carry that skirt much better than any other woman and still was able to steal millions of heart. Though promoting the film Bajirao Mastani he wa seen wearing a skirt and ironically was even seen perfectly matching up his macho look. This made the actor the youth icon into headlines in the news of fashion.

Ranveer Singh in Night Suit

That’s not all, even when he wears sleeping suit he looks cool with his stylish pyjama. The fact of the matter is its only Ranveer Singh and his funky mind that can make all the difference. For the Dior’s fashion show we can catch the latest style and fashion while Ranveer Singh was seen spotted wearing something in the night that can make all the difference.

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