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Ranjha Vikram Singh and his Fauji Calling team gifted his movie set in Jharkhand and there are already 3 weddings done in the house.

Fauji Movie

Amidst all the difficult times, here comes a news that will bring a smile to our faces. Ranjha was shooting for his movie Fauji Calling in a village called Dirighara in khunti district in Jharkhand. They constructed a set which was shown as the house of soldier. Once they completed shooting they didn’t dismantle the place. Instead they gifted the place which cost 60 lacs to build to the village people who were extremely supportive during the shoot.  The film Fauji Calling is produced by Running Horses Film and Ovez Productions and is directed by Aaryaan saxena. The film was supposed to be released in April but has been extended because of the lockdown. movie Fauji Movie

We spoke to Ranjha on this news and here is what he has to say, ” We had a great time shooting at the place. The villagers were extremely supportive and welcoming of us. They would always get us food or something and it made us feel really special. The head of the village called Chamu ji was exceptionally helpful to us. We created a 3300 square feet place which was the soldier’s house , the character that I play. We shot there for about 30 days and we gifted the place to the villagers. I got the news that there have been three wedding in that place and it made me very happy.”
Now that is some great news definitely. It brought a smile to all of us. We urge everyone that stay indoors and keep social distancing and take all the proto
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