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Rangoon Movie Review

Rangoon Movie Review

Rangoon Movie Review

Rangoon is a period drama set in the 1940s. As many must have guessed by the posters of the film, it is indeed the official remake or the Hollywood Classic Casablanca. The heroine reminds of the legendary Hunter Nadia who was one of the first lady villains and action heroines of our times. Kangana in the role of Miss Julia is classy, raunchy and steals the show with her oomph as well as her intense acting skills. Like all Vishal Bharadwaj’s films, we have typical characters in the film that go beyond the real life drama and look epitomized. Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan play Nawab Mallik and Rusi respectively. With blood shed, ruthless love and melodrama of emotions, this Vishal Bhawardwaj film does not disappoint it’s fans. The best thing you will carry back with you is the performances that are well poised and positioned. All the three actors will hold this film as their benchmark performances.

Being a complexly knit world, the audience encounters shocking sequences in the beginning itself and they have to slowly sink in the world of Julia, Rusi and Nawab to understand the ruthless world they live in. the story building is slow in the first half .picking up pace with fast movement and quickly leading tot eh climax. We sure say the journey of the three characters is interesting woven. The way the turbulence in the lives of the characters is portrayed can be hailed as an interesting script. The ending is a nail biting one as you would expect in case of nay film attached with the name Vishal Bharadwaj. The story is high n emotions, impact and speaks loudly with it’s ruthlessness. Neither the content nor the performances will disappoint you.

Rangoon is a winner for the sheer reason that it presents novelty to the viewers. It is a story that is classic but unravels various shades as it moves forward. In terms of acting, music, dramatic sequences and action, the movie is fresh and gripping. The plot is a bewitching one and for anyone who is not familiar with the classic will find the twists and turns an interesting ride.

Director and Music director Vishal is the brain behind this saga. He was planning for the movie after Omkara but it was shelved following which the project worked out this year. He has brought together three very interesting actors in intriguing premises of the story. Kudos to the make- up artists and costume designer who have presented a very complex era vividly on the screen.

Music stands out as a plus point. Song Lyrics penned by none other than Gulzar and soulful renditions by Sunidhi Chauhan, Arijith Bose, Rekha Bharadwaj are all exemplary compositions.

Rangoon is not a must watch but a casual watch. There will be minimum moments of belief and many of disbelief but it won’t fail to interest you.

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