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Rang Rasiya Movie Review

The much hyped and awaited movie of Ketan Mehta is all set to hit the theatres this Friday. It is basically an Indian drama movie, which is based on the life and history of a known painter called Raja Ravi Varma of 19th century. The movie is produced by Deepa Sahi and Aanand Mahendroo, while the main leads in the movie include Randeep Hooda, Nandana Sen and Triptha Parashar. The movie was produced way back in the year 2008, however, remained at the backburner considering the presence of some bold scenes in it, which involves nudity and paint. After a long battle with censor board, the movie is finally releasing with all hype and fervour. The film has made headlines earlier for many reasons including for being screened at the infamous The Times BFI London Film Festival in the year 2008.

The story of the movie revolves around the life of the infamous and avant-grade painter called Raja Ravi Verma of ninetieth century. Infamous simply due to the fact that he was very much obsessed of giving faces to gods and goddess in his paintings, while avant-grade for being gutsy enough to invest his last penny in his pocket in printing the paintings having gods with faces to make them accessible to every common man in his place where he dwelled. The movie starts with a court hearing wherein the veteran painter is being accused of hurting religious sentiments and promoting vulgarity in his paintings and thus corrupting the society. As the movie moves on, it dates back to his life and his passion with colours, which ignites somewhere in Kilimanoor based in Kerala and gradually spreads out to Baroda and Bombay.

Many of us would be knowing his paintings in the form of vivid calendar art, while the movie explores his life and his struggle for the freedom of art and creativity. Amidst his paintings and struggle, he encounters Sugandha who initially rejects his art calling it an idea of staring at girls but later agrees to his ideology when she becomes his love interest. The painter then grows his passion for the lady embarks with different paintings from old fables and mythology with new energy and face. Eventually, this brings out the wrath of the self-appointed guardians and custodians of the culture/society bringing him in the court. Now, what this man has in his defence is worthy to watch in the movie.

Let’s talk about performances. The movie starts slow but slowly and steadily gets the capacity to grip all the audience sitting to watch Rang Rasiya. Randeep Hooda in the character of the painter Raja Ravi Verma was a great choice of Ketan. His acting and performance though has matured a lot all these six years since the movie was made, however, his role of a painter fighting for the freedom of painting his ideas was superb. This actor was seen very much comfortable while embodying this veteran painter, which perhaps would be difficult to replicate by other actors in B Town. Nandana playing her love interest too seemed superb as she adds new life and power to the divine woman played by her. While others like Paresh Rawal, Vikram Gokhale, Gaurav dwivedi and others were also marvellous in their performances. Also, people at other technical jobs too were excellent especially Anil Mehta’s incredible cinematography skills and the keen eye of Ketan Mehta for fine details of colour and design simply went irresistible in Rang Rasiya.

Rang Rasiya Review : Last Word

Essentially, Rang Rasiya revolves the life of the legendary artist and painter called Raja Ravi Varma and his commitment to see the liberty to paint ideas of his mind that created incredible philosophy, subtle science and made love free from all the clutches making it ever lasting. Ketan Mehta, the director of the movie was successful in portraying the biopic skilfully in this period movie bringing together both love and social critique in stretched frames. The subtle performances of Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen with tangible script and storyline makes it a must provided you have great reverence for art and love. If you want to catch the triumph and tribulation amidst the colours, Rang Rasiya is a must watch.

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