Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Randeep Hooda falls into controversy after his old video where he is seen joking about former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati went viral

Randeep Hooda becomes the latest target of trolls after one of his old videos surfer the internet where he passed a joke about the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati. Netizens found this derogatory and started trending #ArrestRandeepHooda on the microblogging site.
A video that is reportedly from a media house event held in 2012 has gone viral. In the 41-second throwback video, Randeep can be seen making a joke on the most notable Dalit leaders of the nation and.
The video clip starts with Hooda talking about saying something about a particular ‘sex position’, after which he says, “once Mayawati was walking down a street with two boys when an inquiring stranger asks whether they were twins. She replies to the stranger: No, no, one is four and the other is eight. The stranger said: I can’t believe someone has been there twice?” Randeep is then seen laughing in the video, the audience also cheers him on.
As soon as the video came out the netizens started trolling him and calling it ‘casteist’, ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynist’ and demanded an apology.

Communist leader Kavita Krishnan responded and wrote: “Not a “joke” @RandeepHooda . You notice no one makes “jokes” saying a male politician is too ugly to f***? You are doing what casteist, misogynist, insecure turds do when confronted with women whose strength they fear: attack the woman as unattractive.”

Another user wrote, “Randeep Hooda is a sick, vile man and the audience here is equally sick. @RandeepHooda- aren’t you ashamed of being a casteist, misogynistic, sleazy person”

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