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Ranbir Not ready to reconcile his relationship with Katrina

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were regarded as one of the cutest couples in B Town. The way in which the two were seen in shielding their relationship has also apparently seen ending up. As per reports, recently Katrina was in face to face with her former beau Ranbir at a party. She approached Ranbir and soon an intense discussion was seen initiated. As per sources, when Katrina Kaif asked for the reconciliation with her former beau, he plainly rejected the offer and as seen adamant on that. He said everything is over now and that reconciliation is not possible.

Following the discussion when Katrina Kaif got the negative answer, she was seen in extremely sad mood. Their allege relationship simply was seen in a whirlwind affair, they kept away from media’s eye, while they never confessed about their relationship before the media despite being living together in a penthouse flat in Mumbai suburb. After their breakup we could hear a couple of rumors that she has been removed from the WhatsApp group of Kapoor Khandan, which was managed by Ranbir’s aunt. Though Katrina has been close to the family and was even invited to their family functions but with the recent breakup news, they started maintaining their distances.

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