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Why Ranbir Kapoor is the true star of our generation: Birthday Special


Ranbir Kapoor has a big day to celebrate as it happens to be his birthday. At such an important day of his life, when he passes through critical phase in his career, it would be interesting to explore about his and get the insight about the same. Well, there is no doubt about to the fact that he is among the competitive actors in B Town and even seen going out of the way to perform any character. Let’s have a look at this life and professional life to find out how Ranbir Kapoor is the true star of this generation on his birthday eve:

Good Looking, Good Looking & Good Looking

The B Town loves the beautiful and the bold and luckily he is the blend of both the traits. With good lucks, the actor goes on a longer run while walking on his professional career. He has inherited his looks from his family his charming father and gorgeous mom make him the good looking man.

Overwhelming Charm

Ranbir Kapoor unveils the great charm over the silver screen. Remember his sweetness reaching to new heights with characters like Barfi and the song Dilliwali Girlfriend in the film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

Represent the best the current generation

Ranbir Kapoor has come a long way in posing himself a star of the current generation. Just check the number of characters he has played in his films like the stubborn and arrogant young man in Wake Up Side, the crazy famous singer in Rockstar and Bindbass buddy in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewai and something really cool in Barfi. So, when we have Angry Man of B Town as Big B, the king of Romance as Shah Rukh Khan needless to say that RK is the star of his generation for trying different roles.

Talent and Acting at Par

Well, Ranbir Kapoor knows his job if you keenly observe the characters he has played in his films. In Rockstar he has been the travesty of Romance and passion apart from catching up the transformation of the actor in the film Rockstar from Janardhan to Jordan. Playing Jordan is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well he may not have the six pack abs but has loads to flaunt from his personality and acting performances.

Wonderful off-screen persona

RK makes everyone his fan whomsoever he works with especially the actress like Deepika and Kat who simply go ga-ga over the way he has been to these actresses behind the scenes. Well, every other actor is often seen loving to work with RK.

He has a commitment phobia

As we finish with the ageing stars who had entered into their fifties now we have pool of actors in the current actors who have their own ways of doing things right. RK leads this pool of actor. Though the only folly of this actor is that he has failed consistently in his relationships to get a perfect love in his life but no worries he will soon get rid of the commitment phobia soon.

He is among the famous man in Kapoor family

RK is in the 4th generation in Kapoor Khandaan. His family has come a long way spanning for not less than eight decades of the 100 years of Indian Cinema. So, he is currently carrying the legacy of Kapoor Khandaan and he seems to be doing so well with his fame and stardom.

Controversy Kid

Ironically with Ranbir comes the controversy. His breakup with Kat bears the witness to this.  Remember his holiday in Spain with Kat in Spain turned the controversy similarly Deepika Padukone wanted to endorse a condom ad with RK and so on. In his career spanning to around 10 years has loads of controversies to follow.

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