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Ranbir Kapoor on a Painful Justice for Salman Khan on ‘Hit n Run’ Case

Ranbir Kapoor

Despite the flame of a word ‘Hit n Run’ was just blown out like anything since 2002 but who says the flame of justice was also blown out, yes of course not. The sizzling case i.e. ‘Salman Khan’s’Hit n Run’ case which is actually rolling all over the B town since few weeks turns out to be with bitter justice for Khan’s family, 5 years of jail to convicted ‘Salman Khan finally declared last Friday. With this, it was not only the media which was catching each n every moment but on the other hand there were his beloved cum dearest loving fans who were eager like anything to know the results on the same. However, the declaration of judge pored a silence to the fire catching eagerness on the same day and indeed made his Bollywood celebs to react on some social media platforms like ‘Twitter’.

The social media platform i.e. Twitter was getting flooded with quick tweets which were never ending, soon after the justice. Who say that our beloved Bollywood celebs were silent on the same, catch here what the dashing personality ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ depicted on the same.. “You know you can’t challenge the law and all that but I have known Mr Salman Khan on personal basis for many many years and so does my family. And I can vouch for the fact that he is a good man and he is has got a very big heart. He has helped countless number of people through his foundation. I think he has helped more people than I have ever heard of. So in these trying times you only wish strength and courage for him and his family. And I am sure he is going to bounce back from these trying times. And we wish him all the luck and love.” – As per the sources. However, if we talk about ‘Ranbir’ then he’s currently busy with rolling project Bombay Velvet co-starring Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar.

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