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Ranbir Kapoor Mocks wifey Alia from ‘Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai’ Scene From Raazi, Check how Netizens react

Ranbir Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s most popular and talented actors, recently made headlines by recreating his girlfriend Alia Bhatt’s iconic ‘Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai’ scene from the hit film ‘Raazi.’ Kapoor, who is known for his versatility and range as an actor, surprised fans by nailing Bhatt’s signature dialogue and delivering a powerful performance that showcased his own acting skills.

The recreated scene, which was part of a promotional event for Kapoor’s upcoming film, quickly went viral on social media, with fans expressing their admiration for the actor’s talent and his willingness to pay homage to his girlfriend’s work. Many fans also took the opportunity to joke about the couple’s relationship, with one commenting, “Arey bhai, biwi se darro apni” (Translation: “Hey man, be afraid of your wife”), well how about checking the post as under: 


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Kapoor’s tribute to Bhatt’s work is a reminder of the close bond that the couple shares, both on and off screen. The two actors, who have been dating for several years, have often spoken publicly about their admiration for each other’s work and their mutual respect for the craft of acting.

The ‘Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai’ scene, which is one of the most memorable moments from ‘Raazi,’ is a powerful portrayal of the film’s central theme of sacrifice and selflessness. Bhatt’s performance in the scene, in which she declares her desire to return home despite the danger she faces, is widely regarded as one of the most moving and memorable moments in recent Hindi cinema.

Kapoor’s decision to pay tribute to Bhatt’s work in this way speaks a lot about the couple’s strong bond and their shared commitment to the craft of acting. It is also a reminder of the power of great performances to inspire and move audiences, and of the enduring impact of iconic cinematic moments like the ‘Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai’ scene.

Ziya Khan


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