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Ram Kapoor Parent’s In Trouble: Theft Broke Locks & Stolen Belongings worth 11.6Lakh

Ram Kapoor

Who says that at least Bollywood celebs are safe in the city? If you still believe that then, it’s time to reveal something which may give you a shock. Yes, as the title speaks one of the renowned Bollywood celebs often named as ‘Golu Uncle’ since his sizzling small screen show ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hain’, none other than Ram Kapoor and his family are in trouble. Indeed harder to believe the entire family is in a shock just because of some non sense theft who has stolen 11.6Lakhs of cash, gold and their personal belongings on Wednesday i.e. on 5th August 2015 from their house, which is located at Grand Paradi Society on Malabar Hill. Check out what actually happened on their house.

Moving along with the sources then it is said that the thieves got chance when Ram’s mother Rita Kapoor and father Anil Kapoor were out of the city. Being the victim of the incident the couple registered complains to the nearby police station depicting that the lockers were broken. Staying few blocks away from his parents he added “My father has been out of the country for quite some time, and my mother was at our farmhouse in Khandala for the last four days. She is extremely shaken by the incident. It was her locker that was broken into. The complaint was submitted on Wednesday night. There haven’t been updates from the police but it’s been only a day since the complaint was filed. My family and I have complete faith in the police” – As per the sources.

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