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Ram Gopal Varma puts a serious spin on Holi celebrations


Well, the Sarkar 3 director Ram Gopal Varma does it again! And there he goes yet again on the microblogging site Twitter with his controversial remark! After a series of controversial tweets, Ram Gopal Varma wrote something on Holi that will get you thinking. While most of you will agree with it, others will tend to disagree. The director tweeted,” I doubt even 1 in 120 crore Indians knows reason why Holi is celebrated but they all do becos Bhang needs no reason ..Mera Bharat Mahaan!” If that wasn’t enough, he went on to saying,” Foolishness of festivals is celebrating victory over problems we not even aware of and ignoring both our present problems and solutions”. Someone’s not in a mood to celebrate at all.

While Twitterati agreed with to an extent, they felt that it’s unfair to generalise. People said that it’s not fair to blame the entire population for not knowing the significance of Holi. The director was in the news earlier for passing an offensive comment on Women’s Day that involved Sunny Leone. Though he cleared that he said all of those things out of respect, Twitterati was pretty upset with him. His recent tweets have got a mixed response though. It goes without saying that he got more hate than anything. So, what do you think about this post, do let us know about your views and comments before, its too late. Do share your comments on this man and the way he does the comments on various issues.

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