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Rakul Preet Is Now a Vegan

Ganesh Jain



Rakul Preet

Rakul Preet

Rakul Preet Singh is a known actress who has carved her niche hard in the B Town with her incredible performances. As far as the latest from her life, we hear that the actress has now declared herself to be a vegan. For her, the axiom that you do something at times and then decide to follow the rest of your life. For Rakul this has agreed. Out of blue, the actress decided to turn vegan without any plan. Talking about the same, she said that it is the best decision in her life she has taken so far.

She said has remained a hardcore non-vegetarian till now has turned the table. She said that she liked both veg and non-veg food but the latter remained the part of her diet all the time. These included eggs in particular. But one fine day she decided to become a vegan. This was, however, a sudden decision, which came from within and was not forced by anyone. She feels full of energy and light now claims the actress.

Talking about her profession, she said she has to travel a lot, finding a veg food is easy when compared to the other ones. She said she shoots in Mumbai she can carry vegan food like fruits, shakes and meals with her. However, this is not the case abroad. In many of the nations, it is easy to get the grilled fish and chicken without any worry. She said whenever she likes to cook now, all she does is to try vegetable-based dishes and try some dal and rice with it. She likes Khichdi a lot which she eats with vegan ghee.

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