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Rakhi Sawant threatens the paparazzi saying I will file Rs. 500 crore defamation case, read to know why!

Bigg Boss season 15 has ended, but the contestant of the house is meeting outside. On Wednesday, Bigg Boss 15 contestant Shamita Shetty celebrated her 43rd birthday with her Bigg Boss 15 friends and her beau Rakesh Bapat.

BB 15 participant Rakhi Sawant was also attended her birthday party and post Birthday party Rakhi posed for the paparazzi. At that time One of the photographers commented to Rakhi that she looks beautiful and outdone Nora.

“Aapke saamne toh Nora bhi fail hai aaj,” he said. Rakhi’s instant reply was, “But I love Nora.”

Later, as the paparazzi crowded Rakhi to take pictures, she asked them to make distance and even threatened to take legitimate action against the paparazzi if anyone accidentally touched her. “Agar kisine mujhe chhua, Rs. 500 crore ka maan haani ka daawa karungi (If anyone touches me, I will file a Rs. 500 crore defamation case),” she said.

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh Singh also participated in the Bigg Boss 15 house. It was the first time he made his first appearance on national television through Bigg Boss.

In one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi said that Ritesh and her mother cried when her marriage was constantly questioned on the previous season of the show. He offered to come to India and host a wedding reception but she asked him to join him on Bigg Boss 15. Ritesh is still legally married to Snigdha Priya and has claimed that she refuses to give him a divorce. Rakhi, on the show, got emotional and asked him to give her a marriage certificate.

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