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Rakhi Sawant speaks about her take on direction

10meet-bros-party3We hear you turned director tell us something more about it?

Since last 12 years I am into film industry, I have done directions courses from India Canada and from other countries, also I have lots of knowledge about direction. I was suppose to only act and dance in this music video. Reason of directing this music video was my producer did not have a budget to hire a director. Hence I will be directing it.

You’ve always managed to create a controversy with what u say or do is that a conscious effort?

I never ever do controversy. Controversies follow me. I am a very upfront honest and straight forward person. Also everyone has their own right to talk and do whatever they want to.

What next for Rakhi on the film front?

There are lots of films in pipeline currently but I can’t disclose anyone of it at present. Also I would be signing a Hollywood project very soon.
Few movies would be releasing soon, once the releasing date is out I can tell you more about the film.

Is politics still important to u will we see you contesting the next elections?

Never! No more politics for Rakhi Sawant. According to me politics is very bad. I don’t know how other women’s survive in politics. There’s no respect for women in political world.

You recently were in the news for basking Sofia Bhayat if she is not a mother do you think when she said she turned nun it was all publicity?

Yes, I feel so because I was completely shocked when I got to know she’s become a nun. I don’t think anyone should disrespect religion for publicity and sofia becoming a nun is a big insult for all the nuns who worship God. I respect all the religions, I have personally grown up in a Christian hostel and I know how nun’s live. They sacrifice everything just to help others.
I just feel Sofia shouldn’t have disrespected a nun’s image in front of everyone. What kind of a nun is she and from which country I really don’t know.

We heard somewhere you said u don’t mind becoming a porn star where you joking?

No I am not, I feel when Indian audiences
don’t have respect for Indian women and they love porn stars who do vulgarity and show off their assets etc. Then I would love to do that only.

We love your honesty don’t you get scared your honesty could land you in trouble?

No, I am not at all scared. I have equal rights to talk whatever I like and No one has rights to judge me and I am honest and straight forward person. I never do back batching kind of things. I hate doing all that.

Tell us something about the industry do you like the television industry better or the film industry?

I like both the industry. Television industry has given me name, fame through that I did so many item numbers on big screen.
Also I love film industry because it has given me chance to grow and become successful in my career. I have done so many regional movies also.

A message to your fans?

Love me or hate me, I really don’t care. I know my God loves me a lot. Also I am a very honest and truthful person and a true entertainer and I promise all my fans that I will keep them entertaining always. Love you all!


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