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Rakhi Sawant is in a serious relationship with BF Adil Khan, went to meet his family in Dubai

Rakhi Sawant travelled to Dubai with her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani to meet his family. She claims that she is serious about their relationship. She does, however, reveal that Adil’s family is not supportive of their relationship, and even Adil suggests that she wear dresses that are “less glamorous and more covered.”

Rakhi returned to the spotlight with her appearance on Bigg Boss 15 and has been seen at numerous film and television events since then. She was previously unofficially married to Ritesh, who even joined her on Bigg Boss, but the relationship ended when she discovered he was already married.

“Adil has bought a house in Dubai in my name. The other day, he’d gifted me a BMW. But frankly, my treasure is his love. His love is true. He is a loyalist. He is very serious about me, else which guy introduces his love so early to his family?” Rakhi told ETimes in an interview with Adil.

Adil added that it’s just the beginning of their relationship. When asked what he would change about Rakhi, he said, he said, “Nothing much, it is just that I feel she should wear dresses which are less glamorous and more covered.”

Adil, on the other hand, appears to know very little about her because he hasn’t seen much of her work. “She has told me everything about herself, including her shaadi with Ritesh. Earlier I didn’t know about it, but now I know. I haven’t even seen her Main Hoon Naa yet, neither Bigg Boss,” he said.

Adil is six years younger than Rakhi and lives in Bengaluru. His cousins live in Dubai, and Rakhi claims that his aunt will explain their relationship to his parents.

Rakhi Sawant recently revealed that Adil’s ex-girlfriend Roshina Delvari had called her but that she had blocked her number. She had previously expressed her dissatisfaction with being alone after finally separating from her previous ‘husband’ Ritesh.
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