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Rakhi Sawant has gone Missing When Punjab Police gears up to Arrest Her

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

As if we needed more reasons to prove Rakhi Sawant is synonymous to the word ‘controversy’, here comes another one.  The attention-seeker is currently being accused of defaming sage Valmiki on a TV show where she drew derogatory comparisons stating,”Just like Valmiki, who got changed from being a robber to a saint, Mika ji also has changed.” While the Ludhiana police issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against Rakhi on March 9. Latest reports suggested how Rakhi was arrested from her Mumbai residence this afternoon.

However, soon the Ludhiana police issued a clarification saying, “There has been no arrest of Rakhi Sawant by Ludhiana Police in Mumbai. Four-member team sent there is scheduled to return Wednesday morning and are in train currently.”Now does this mean Rakhi has gone underground fearing arrest charges or is this a way to just seek publicity? Only time will tell. But considering Rakhi is actually making headlines for her shameless fame-game has got Twitterati burst out with fury. While there are a few who are rather enjoying the news that Rakhi is going to be put behind the bars.

 Many are saddened by the fact how people are actually wasting their time on someone who is famous for endorsing controversy. However, Rakhi Sawant pleads innocent in this case as she had even released an apology video stating she respects Valmiki and that she is being targeted only because of her celebrity status. She said, “When I got the news, I initially thought it was an April fool prank. I don’t know why I am being targeted. Maybe because I belong to the film industry, I am an easy target. I did not receive any notice or summon in regard to the warrant.

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