RajasthanBeats, An Advocacy Group Led by Yaru Juneja Beating Rajasthani Stereotypes out of minds!


Stereotype unquestionably exists. People consistently make a specific guess about a group or an individual character absolutely based on what they hear or see. This state is so high on magnificence and bliss remainder that it draws in a weighty traveler swarm from individuals over the world. In spite of all the positives, however, this state has been an objective of Stereotype for a long while now.
Some of which are:
Marwaris = Misers
Marwari isn’t any cast yet a term used to allude to individuals hailing from the Marwar locale (Jodhpur zone). You know how you state Bangaloreans and Delhites, it is something very similar.

It has no water
Truly, it doesn’t on the grounds that all Rajasthanis are furnished with a mystery camel-like water stockpiling framework so we burn-through less and leave a lot of water for the remainder of the nation to drink. Indeed, we are additionally compassionate people.

Businessman — Housewife Couples
A few men filling in as specialists, specialists, or even fashion designers, and ladies not bound to simply their household work. . Rajasthani women can be as multi-capable as ladies from some other province of India like bicycle rider Veenu Paliwal.

Rain is Rare
Rajasthan isn’t just about being super-hot. They experience each of the three seasons here including the days when it’s hot, the storm time when they appreciate rainy showers, and the chilling winters.

Not a single tree can be seen
It has the desert, and it has the wonderful Aravali slopes clouded under the thick sheet of greens. There are trees arranged on streets, in private states, on terraces, each cracking where!

Camels, Camels all over
Camel rides are just accessible at touring places like Amer Fort or at the real desert camel safaris in Jaisalmer and other desert areas.

Child marriage is a norm
Actually no, not every odd Rajasthani family has a ‘Balika Vadhu’! Additionally, they take as much time as needed to finish their schooling, get settled, and then think of getting married.

All that a Rajasthani eats is red chilies
Indeed, the Rajasthanis love fiery food however they do have a sweet tooth as well, which makes us similarly long for sweet treats like ghewar, phini, rasgullas, gujia and jalebis.

Stereotypes won’t vanish unless people understand they are toxic.
RajasthanBeats is a developing organization helping in breaking long coming Stereotypes about Rajasthan. Stereotypes can serve a versatile capacity permitting individuals to classify and rearrange what they notice and to make assumptions about others. Great Progress has been made yet at the same time, it is there and agencies like RajasthanBeats are finding and working their approaches to discard these considerations a long way from one’s attitude. They are attempting to make people to accept that Rajasthan is a vibrant state of lively people.

Such measures to encourage equality among individuals about the states and regions are needed to make a nation of solidarity.

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