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Raising children, fighting zombies – The Sydney series gets a victory at Cannes

Cannes Series Festival 2019

Van Vuuren and Vuko made web series, titled, Over and Out has won at Cannes. The web series projected the moment of utmost attraction as the project was first run for the audiences on the international festival circuit. The makers got the chance to watch the audience reactions as they were barely able to breathe watching the series go on. The makers felt suspended until the results were finally announced but, yes! the series finally made it to win the game.

Christiaan Van Vuuren was caught in a similar moment at the Cannes. Six hours after to his and his creative and life partner Adele Vuko as they knew they had won, the reactions were simply indescribable. It did they them a little moment to touch the ground back all aired up in joy with the victory.

They also had made a web series called Over and Out which was entered into the Short Form Competition at the CANNESERIES festival, facing a fierce competition from the nine other teams in the league. As soon as the screening finished, it was clearly known to the audiences with all the bopping and laughing going on that the winner is right here.

Talking about his victory, Van Vuuren shared his thoughts to a media platform mentioning,  “We are wildly excited.  People were laughing in all the right places and hanging onto the emotions as well. It is great to see it on the big screen because it’s always been on computers and phones so far. Can they win? They don’t know. The calibre of the series is just incredible. At least four or five of them had us on the edge of our seats. If they turned up on Netflix we would binge watch them, to be honest.”

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