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Rahul Raj Singh
Rahul Raj Singh

The hot and alluring looking actor Rahul Raj Singh, who has earlier seen on popular shows like Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein, Ambar Dhara and has done a lot of movies as well, is currently a buzzing name for the reality show Power Couple with his love who is popular television actress Pratyusha Banerjee.

Name: Rahul Raj Singh

Date of birth: 29th May

Memorable days: My school days

Aspiration: Subhash Chandra Bose

You dont wana watch the movie again: None of them have seen once.

Crush in btown with: I dont have any crush on anyone.

Being Healthy or wealthy whats important: Both are important as without any one thing missing in us spoils the other too.

Funda behind your alluring body: As I always say am gifted. So no fundas or secrets to share.

Love life should be: Love life should be comfortable.

Complment you get everyday for: My personality which includes everything.

Important person in life: My mother

What in girls attract you: They gotto be real enough to attract me. Fakeness doesnt work on me.

Next life, If you be a girl which btown actor ull date to: First of all I dont think of being a girl in my next birth but if by any chance then I dont wanna go out for a date with any of the btown actors.

Msz fr fan: Always keep going and be a go getter and respect yourself and believe that nothing is impossible.

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