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Rahul Dev Unveils Insights About His Upcoming Horror Thriller Sequel, 1920: A Compelling ‘Father-Daughter Story’

Actor Rahul Dev is once again ready to captivate audiences in the upcoming horror thriller film ‘1920: Horrors of the Heart,’ a sequel to the popular film ‘1920.’ Unlike its predecessor, this movie delves into the intricate relationship between a father and daughter.

In this highly anticipated film, Rahul plays a crucial role, bringing depth and intensity to the story. Directed by Krishna Bhatt, ‘1920: Horrors of the Heart’ is set to hit theaters on June 23.Originally released in 2008, ‘1920’ is a supernatural horror film that revolves around a married couple residing in a haunted house during the year 1920. The debutant actors Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma portrayed the couple, with Indraneil Sengupta playing a special role.

Loosely inspired by the 1973 horror film ‘The Exorcist,’ ‘1920’ marked the beginning of the ‘1920’ film series, which achieved commercial success. It was also dubbed in Telugu and Tamil under the title ‘1920 Gayathri.’

Discussing his role in ‘1920: Horrors of the Heart,’ Rahul Dev expressed, “1920 was a beloved film in its time, and I’m confident that its sequel will be met with equal excitement.” He continued, “This installment revolves around a father-daughter story, and I portray the role of the father in the film. It’s a pivotal part of the project that adds depth to the complexity of the narrative. My character is an honest, upright businessman who also carries a sense of vulnerability when it comes to his daughter.”

Reflecting on his experience filming a horror movie like this, Rahul shared, “The most significant learning and experience from this film was that, despite what the promos suggest, the entire project was shot using special technology on a massive set specifically created for the feature. Thanks to my director/producer friend Vikram Bhatt, who never ceases to surprise me, he learned an entirely new craft during the lockdown days. His contribution to the current art form of cinema is remarkable.”

Rahul Dev concluded by saying, “I had the privilege of being directed by his talented daughter Krishna Bhatt, and the film was written by his mentor Mahesh Bhatt. It was truly a collaboration of three generations coming together to bring this sequel to life.”

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