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Rahul Chahal a Music lover by heart and video director with mind




Rahul Chahal

Rahul, Naam to Suna Hoga, well, we are talking about Rahul Chahal and not any SRK Character in any romantic movie of Yash Raj Films. Well, he is a Canada based video director who lives in Toronto. He was born on 26th June 1986 and is better known for his company – TDOTFILMS that deals with creative filmmaking. For Rahul, it all started when he was a young child who loved to read books a lot and comics in particular. This is where the filmmaking foundation was laid down in his life. Reading helped him to visualize things and get the nuts and bolts of storytelling.

This is where he started contemplating things by joining dots at the right plane to embark upon in the field of videography. A believer in implementing his imagination to reality, he embarked upon with his filmmaking company called TDOTFILMS. However, before he started his own company, he traveled the world visiting too many nations that gave him the insight to the things he wanted to do in his life. His first music video surfaced in Australia in 2014 called My Sweet Love. He then was approached by Indian musicians to appear in two more videos including Pendu Korma and Degriyaan by Bhupinder Gill.

Have come from the similar field and dealing with people of different nation and culture taught me a lot to embark something different and thus embark with his own company called TDOTFILMS that started dealing with creating music videos with a wide array of cameras from brands like Sony, Arri, and Red. Besides this, he is a YouTuber and also experiments a lot on Vines. In his career, he has sung a number of songs, written and composed several of them apart from getting involved in conceptualization and direction of videos. His recent work includes the music called 4 am released in June 2019.

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