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Rahasya Movie Review : An Unspoken Flash Back Of Double Murder Mystery

rahasya review

In a busy Friday, when you have diverse movies releasing, you have one called Rahasya. It is directed by the talented Manish Gupta, who is also the writer of the story for this film. The movie has Kay Kay Menon, Tisca Chopra, Mita Vashisht, Ashwini Kalsekar and Ashish Vidyarthi in the lead roles. The movie is somewhere inspired by the infamous Aarushi murder case a couple of years of Delhi, which also garnered criticism for the filmmaker. The same storyline of a teenager being adopted in the film unlike seen in the Aarushi Murder case wherein a girl is killed suspiciously without giving any clue to anyone, however, lastly, only trapping the parents under the murder case of the girl.

Now, let’s talk about the storyline. The movie simply revolves around a girl of 18 years called Ayesha Mahajan played Sakshi Sem, who gets murdered inside her own home. Her father Sachin Mahajan, which is played by Ashish Vidyarthi, he later becomes the prime suspect behind her own daughter’s murder. Kay Kay Menon is the CBI office called Sunil Paraskar, while investigating finds a number of evidences, which simply complicates the entire case. As the investigation progresses leading to testing a number of suspects and their respective motives are tested, the end result comes out in the form of a riveting story of a dual murder. Who is behind the murder of this young girl, and what is the story behind the other murder, are worthy questions, which can be answered only when you catch the film?

Talking about the script, there is nothing interesting or novel to catch as the entire film seems to have based on the infamous Aarushi Murder Case belong to Delhi. The case, which shook the media finally making her own father culprit, seems to be the storyline of this film too. However, for those who were not following the case can find out the nitty-gritty of the case. You have the chance to explore the insight about this film.  At times, you may find things too confusing in the story giving an idea whether you are watching a documentary. But the very next juncture you are back to the film giving a roller coaster ride to the audience. The director has failed to give the audience a gripping story rather than working on the same old and famous storyline, which has been detected and presented by the media.

Now, if you talk about performances, Ashish Vidyarthi playing the role of Ayesha’s father has been incredible. He is a veteran actor who has been into the world of acting and films since a couple of decades. Hence every action he gives over the silver screen sounds very much authentic and captivating. Similar was the story of Kay Kay Menon, who has been fantastic in the character of a CBI officer. Over the years Kay Kay has been mature in his acting. And with every passing performance, he has turned out indispensable. Tisca Chopra in the role of a mother did something exceptional unlike what you have found out in case of Aamir Khan’s movie Taare Zameen Par. In her role of an ailing mother, she has championed her performance with utter confidence and professionalism. Perhaps with more such role, she would soon get an expertise in playing an ailing mother over the silver screen.The other aspects like music, cinematography, editing and track sequences sound cool and interesting. The locations chosen for making this film have been realistic giving the right feel, while you catch the film in any theater.

Rahasya Review Last Word  

The filmmakers have been claiming that the movie is not at all based on any murder case, which have been the part of any media report. Whether it is the Aarushi murder case or the ones that come in the form of Agatha Christie kind of murder mystery, the story of Rahasya will be different keep the audience guessing. The filmmaker can be true to their claim to certain extent, yet what lies behind is the crux of these named murder cases. Yet, you can find some of the best performances of veterans like Ashish Vidyarthi and even Kay Kay Menon. These two gentlemen were able to steal the show and if you are going to catch this movie with a vision to find out incredible performances, then opting for Rahasya would be a sagacious choice, otherwise, you have other options as well. Making movies on reality is really a difficult job, yet the director has tried his best to make something tangible to catch with.

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