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Radhe Maa’s Counterattack: Slapped Public Notice for Defamation Against the Makers of Bigg Boss

Radhe Maa

Rolling on n on with the controversies after every now n then can easily make anyone irritated or it can even make someone hatred of themselves, and after a while the particular person counterstrike for whatever he/she has suffered. Though the above statement sounds like annoying but the same thing is actually happened with the one who’s a God Man to her followers, indeed as the title depicts we are depicting about Radhe Maa. A God man who was suffering the heat of controversies since but who says that it will be a one way attack? If you still believe this then it’s time to make you’ll realize the reality of Bollywood celebs right here..

The news started catching fire the moment an unwanted air started notching audience response and the news was nothing but the presence of Radhe Maa in the looming reality show Big Boss Season9 which is purely hosted by the stunning star ‘Salman Khan’. So, what’s next guys? followers of Radhe Maa slapped them with a public notice for defamation. Have a look on what exactly quoted “We are suing them for maligning Radhe Maa’s name. She was never offered the show, has not been signed and will not be a part of it. She is not interested in reality TV,” – A Statement by Sanjeev Gupta, MD of a marketing company told Mirror. – As per the sources.

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