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Radhe Maa Getting Notched Deeper Under Complains: Now for Promoting Superstition

Radhe Maa

Being a saint or becoming a saint now a day’s doesn’t seems to be a big deal, you’ll hardly require any efforts and all done and few days later some crazy people will surely start following you – Do you think we are depicting such controversial statements? Of course not dude, It’s not we and not even a single person who’s depicting such statements but believe me guys these statements are depicted by a count which is actually uncountable. Yes what you are thinking is right it’s all about a self-styled spiritual leader Radhe Maa who’s now a day’s rolling like a fire on the floor, and guess what now she’s grabbed under another tragedy which is indeed created by her non-sense activities. Check out what’s actually rolling around the globe right here..

Soon after facing some fire catching blaming quotes yet another is ready for her non-sense activities. And as of now a new complaint is registered at the suburban Borivali police station in Mumbai this Wednesday against Radhe Maa but don’t you feel why? Yes, as the title depicts against the involvement in promoting superstition and the main culprit behind all such heat is none than an Advocate Ashok Rajput who filled a complaint against her. However if we move along with the sources then one of the spokesperson Dhananjay Kulkarni from Mumbai police added that, the police had received the complaint and is looking into it. Read this, what Kulkarni added on the same – “We are going into the merits of the complaint. Any further action would be taken only after enquiry and legal considerations,” – As per the sources, however adding some more lights on his statements he confirmed that sections of the anti-superstition act would be invoked only after proper circumstantial evidence is found. – As per the sources.

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