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Radhe Maa – A Godwoman Biopic Leading on the Run via Mallika Sherawat

‘Radhe Maa’ a woman who has been rolling around the globe since long yet took another turn with a news controversial tactics. Being rolling every now n then, surely have given an intimation to the Radhe Maaand her beloved devotees that yes, now the time has come up that her fraud tactics will now be revealed in front of everybody. However, if we talk about the recent activity against her then giving a little shock to the fans and followers now the Bollywood will be watching her entire biography in a single movie i.e. her biopic is been triggered to roll out under the directions of a renowned director Ranjith Balakrishnan. But hold on guys there’s still something which will make you fall in love with it, check this out..

Though it is truly confirmed via a director that yes a biopic will be soon rolling all over the B town but don’t you ever think that who will be leading the biopic isn’t? So guys n gals it time for something which will make you delight like never before, check this out. The biopic of Radhe Maa will be lead by a alluring cum hot super star of Bollywood none other than Mallika Sherawat. Despite by the fact that the release date of the movie is yet to be revealed but still the news have actually sparked the Bollywood like anything.

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