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Raaz Reboot Movie Review

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The Bhatts are back with the fourth series of their popular franchise of Raaz called the Raaz Reboot. The film is directed and written by Vikram Bhatt, while it is produced by the Bhatt brothers under the banner of Vishesh Films. The film has Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora in the lead role while the lady is doing her debut with this film in B Town. The principal photography for the film started this year in January in Romania. The music is composed by the talented music director Jeet Gannguli, Sangeet Haldipur and Sidharth Haldipur. Time to check the insight of the film as under:


Rehaan played by Gaurav Arora and Shaina played by Kriti Kharbanda are married couple who have migrated to Romania after the former gets a good job offer there. The couple is based in a plush home, however, when the couple settles down there is something that bothers the lady in the form of a spirit and soon the couple is seen drifting away from each other. Shaina soon realizes that there is something wrong with her husband and he is hiding something from her. He denies making things bad to worse and you find Adtiya played by Emraan Hashmi the ex-boyfriend of the lady comes into picture and tries to help her against the spirit, so what happens next is interesting to explore.


One on witness a number of similarities between the stories of this film and the other called 1920 London Returns. You can find the couple passing through a bad phase and soon you get to see her ex-boyfriend that is seen in the picture making the background spooky. The film therefore makes simply any sense since the Bhatts are seen employing done to death tricks to scare you. The creaking doors, ravens, eye in sink elements and rattling windows are the usual part of such horror movies and RR is no exception. The film is a clichéd story of revenge and soon the film becomes very much predictable. You can find the first half having all the mystery while the second half becomes a cat and rat race and don’t forget to check the hilarious and naïve sequences in the film that become a laughing stock for the audience.


Raaz Reboot marks the Kriti Kharbanda marks her debut in Bollywood with this film, but she has failed to impress the audience. Her possession nature in the film didn’t go par as expected and many a times even went very much funny. And on top of it, the irritating monotonous dialogue delivery has marred her performance to a great extent. On the other side, Gaurav Arora has done a good job playing the character of Rehaan though not exception but not that bad either. But he is not to be blamed for the same as the script of the film has made him act that ways. Emraan Hashmi is seen in the negative character but he did simply awesome despite the limited screen space in it.

Direction, Music, Photography and other elements

Vikram Bhatt doesn’t seem to render much of the commitment for giving one bad movie after another. Again working on this franchise for the fourth time can be called as his last attempt in any horror film. Ironically, the Bhatts despite have worked in a number of horror movies but they tend to fail to understand that they have failed in this mojo and it is not everyone’ cup of tea. The first part was much better than the other three. Talking about the cinematography, it looks cool amidst the icy atmosphere of Romania inside a plush house with incredible antique furniture. Music too lacks the innovation, which is to be expected from any decent horror movie. The other elements like editing, screenplay and other things remained okay help a bit to the entertainment value.

Raaz Reloaded Last Word

Horror movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. Hopefully the Bhatt brothers should realize by now. The film Raaz Reboot can be therefore called as a classical failure, which had hardly to scare you. You need to reboot your memory while watching this film, which gives you a less rating for sure.

Rating – 2.0


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