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R Madhavan appreciates PM Narendra Modi for his idea of digital economy

Indian actor R Madhavan is currently at the biggest film festival. Recently at the press at Cannes Film Festival, the actor appreciated the Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi.

He said, “When the Prime Minister of India, when he started his term, he introduced micro-economy and digital currency. There was a furore around the world, among the economic community, which said, ‘This is not going to work. This is a disaster’ because how are you going to get the farmers and the people who are uneducated in the small villages to handle a small phone or a smartphone and handle the accounting,” the actor said.

“Micro economy was considered going to be a big disaster in India,” Madhavan further said.

“In a couple of years that whole story changed and India became one of the largest users of micro-economy in the world and you know why it happened. It’s because the farmers did not need to be educated to use a phone to know if they have got their money, who the money they have sent to… That is new India,” the actor added.

Talking about his film, he said, “From Aryabhatta to Sundar Pichai, we have such extraordinary stories as far as science and technology is concerned. We’re not making movies about them, they’re an inspiration for youngsters around the world. They’ve bigger fans than actors.”

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