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Queen Of Katwe Box Office Prediction


This Friday you have too many films releasing, which certainly include the movie – Queen Of Katwe. The film happens to be the American biographical sports drama, which is directed by Mira Nair while it is written by William Wheeler. The film has David Oyelowo, Madina Nalwanga and Lupita Nyongo in the lead roles/ the film recolves around the life of Phiona Mutesi a chess prodigy from Katwe a place in Uganda. She is the only Woman Candidate Master after giving incredible performances at World Chess Olympiads. The film is adapted from the book by Tim Crothers published by the ESPN Magazine, which was produced under the banner of Walt Disney Pictures. The film was also screened at 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Let’s check the crux of the film as under:


As we know the film is a biopic based on the life of chess prodigy called Phiona Mutesi coming from the slums of Katwe in Kampala, Uganda. Her life is full of struggle right from the age of 10 years when others children enjoy good life. However, he destiny changed when she met Robert Ketende who helped her to play chess. Soon the young girl mastered the game. She soon became fascinated about the same and how her life enters into the world of chess and gives her fame and name is interesting to explore.


The film Queen of Katwe is a heart wrenching venture of Mira Nair, which can be called as a reminiscent of Gabriele Mucciono. One can call the film to be the glimpse of Pursuit of Happyness and array of events seen in the life of this lady genius. Interestingly, unlike any other standard sports biopic movie, the drama in this film simply goes beyond the lows and the highs of the game along with analyzing the roles of the film in a much deeper humane level offering some of the most valuable lessons and insights in the lives in the process. Though in the film one can find the apathy to be evoking and thus depicting the extreme hardship, which also manages to uplift your spirit. With her unpretentious storytelling the director has made things better for the underprivileged and the daily combat for the sustenance along with getting the respect for the resilience.

Though one can miss the languid pace in the film along with lagging behind in terms of theatrics that make the character of the director tad tedious some of the dreaded sequences in the film can get clinged your mind for a longer run. For example, you may be told as to why the slum kids in Katwe to an unknown game like chess over the popular sport of football especially when it is called as the source of gambling than any sport. She rightly points out the reason by saying that since she cannot afford a doctor for breaking the legs with football, hence has the safer choice. In a sense the game of chess is being used as an equalizer in order to reduce the prejudice found in between the poor and rich and thus infuses the confidence and hope amidst the downtrodden kids that move beyond their tears.

Talking about the performances, Oyelowo is simply outstanding and so are the child artists in the film including the lead actress Lupita Nyongo who is seen delivering the best performance along with her widow mother who also seen doing good over the silver screen. However, her limited portrayal in the film about the hopelessness, skepticism and guilt of the troubled character who is simply keen to make her kids do odd jobs for their survival. Talking about direction, music, and other technical elements of the film, these remain par as expected that in a sense have helped to increase the entertainment value, however, the problem with biopics is that these can only attract the niche crowd so in terms of business, it can be a jackpot thing, which may make or break as per the buzz found in the media and word of mouth thing.

Queen of Katwe Last Word

The film Queen of Katwe can be called as a movie that has showcased the quintessential victory over the underdog story that remain very much predictable yet can be called as inspiring thing. It helps in unfolding the story slowly and steady unlike one can find in the game of chess, however, it has all the potential to stimulate your mind and heart as well. Thus the film deserves a better rating despite a couple of flaws in it.

Rating -3.5


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