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Pyar Ka Punchnama 2 Movie Review: Dual Blast of Comedy and Hilarity

Pyar-ka-punchnama review

Before we start up with something which is actually worth to discuss this rolling Friday block buster’s and indeed a flash back of 2011 mega blockbuster movie Pyar Ka Punchnama, soon after completing 4years the makers have once again come up with a smashing sequel of the movie and with a brand new name Pyar Ka Punchnama 2. Let’s get more dipper into this.

Plotting of Story

With the fragrance of last mega blockbuster, the renowned director Luv Ranjan has once again explored a trio which is fabulously executed by three stunning stars, starting with Kartik Aaryan as Anshul, Sunny Singh Nijjar as Siddharth and the third one but the most entertaining character of the movie Omkar Kapoor as Tarun. Guess what the trio’s are flooded with three alluring cum hot ladies namely Nushrat Bharucha as Cheeku flooded with Anshul, Sonalli Sehgall as Supriya flooded with Siddharth and last but not the least Ishita Sharma as Kusum flooded with Tarun. Initially the divas come into their life like an expensive mistakes but later on when trios realize the essence of true love, they boycott them all and thus it moves on n on with the same.

Script Writing

Under the directions of a stunning director the movie actually fragrance the toughest efforts of  Luv Ranjan’s magnifying scripts. Being an experienced guy he actually knows how to divert the directions of the ongoing story, well said ‘A director always extract the best parts from a mine of words and merge them to form an extrordinary story’. The same way goes with our director as well wherein he has not only given some beautiful scenes of its originality but also has given a reason to the viewers to watch the movie again n again.

Casting Players

Despite the movie dragged an attention towards stunning stars but still it cannot be called a perfect movie. However if we talk about the casting then here Kartik and Sunny have done a superb job, whereas the winning trophy was actually notched by Omkar of being the funniest cum most entertaining guy throughout the movie. On the other hand co-ordination of the three alluring divas made it to that level of excitement wherein the audience will actually appreciate the players.

Screenplay, Music, Cinematography & Technical Stuff

The most important cum sizzling stuff of the movie which was fabulously called by the perfections i.e. Toshi Sabri and Clinton Cerejo. The impacting part to the movie was nothing but cinematography and editing that drag the grabbing stars of the movie a bit lower with a shabby picture at the end. However, this impact got disappeared as soon as the movie moves on n on.

Pyar Ka Punchnama 2 – Last Depiction

Despite by the fact that the movie was indeed a sequel of its originality and was somewhat giving the fragrance of 2011 flick, but to push up the theme of movie via trio of boys was an extreme performer around the globe. Hopefully the hurdles which are rolling out with couples make drag the fans and followers towards the movie to make it grand success.

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