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Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Trailer Review

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Trailer Review

When Luv Ranjam embarked with his first instalment of Pyaar Ka Punchnama, little did he knew that the film would create a good buzz among the audience especially among the young people from the urban areas. After all, it appealed to the Gen X who works hard relentlessly in the IT companies and end up getting frustrated while dealing with girls and relationship. With a success in its prequel, the filmmaker is back with his sequel, which is releasing on 31st October. It’s been hardly few days of the trailer release, when it seemed making waves over the social media sites turning viral in limited amount of time.

Well, if you are into any kind of relationship, or simply love to hate these things and thus are seen cribbing about the same in your friend circle, you would love the trailer of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. Generally the mature human beings are simply break up if you find the relationship becoming unbearable and over-burdened taxing over the mental health. This is simply applicable to both the sexes. However, in Bollywood films, we have seen discouraging the normal behavior since long. Hence once again you have a film when you can find a bunch of three guys cribbing about their lethal girlfriends rather breaking up and flushing out from their lives.

As you check the trailer you find the same sort of story with the same bunch of guys again struck with their girlfriends and then crib about the ladies behind them a lot. You can find the trailer showcasing women to be nagging kind of girlfriends and nothing less than that. You find the girl loving more than 50 different shades of pink while she is seen cribbing about her boyfriend while she shops for the same. At the same time, their biggest quandary is that the relationship status of her boyfriend is still single on FB.

In a sense, you can find the trailer carrying certain intellectual depth of the bumper sticker and you would fail to realize why again (despite the failures and rejections) are seen continuing their miserable kind of relationship if they call it such a big burden and pain. Besides, you can also find the three suffering guys are seen relying on some Gyaani Baba kind of bonds and their expertise over girls, which author simply recommends the sane people to remain away from. And meanwhile you find doing the same, may be this can make the movie feel free from the same.

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