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Punit J. Pathak opens up on keeping himself up to date with new Choreographies

Choreographer Punit J Pathak, who is a judge of ‘Dance+’ Season 6 recently in an interview revealed how he keeps himself updated about the latest dance forms and choreography and so much more. 

Punit J Pathak says: “Earlier, there was this concept of 2 minutes of fame which has now changed into 15 seconds of fame, given the reel culture. So yes, we have to be completely in sync with what’s trending, what is happening, which step is in the trends, and what song works, not only in India but all over the world, and for that, social media has proved to be a huge help when it comes to keeping ourselves up to date with everything dance wise.”

Punit J Pathak further revealed his favorite dance form and said: “My favorite dance form is something that I do. I do not believe there is a name to it. I feel and I go into a zone and I do it. Some people call it contemporary dance, some say it’s abstract dance, some say it’s contortion, so on and so forth but I do not think it’s any of these. I try to do my own stuff and I also love doing it. Apart from that, I like dance forms that scream fun.”

Explaining the qualities he looks for in contestants, “Not only for this season, but every season the most important quality that I look for in a contestant is their honesty towards their art. It’s a quality that shows itself naturally through a dancer’s movements. You will feel the honesty as an honest artist will shine through and through,” Punit J Pathak says.

Punit further concluded: “Assuming they have an inbuilt love for the craft and a sense of the beats, honesty, hard work and passion would be my top three qualities while judging a contestant.”


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