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Prolonged Sitting can increase Cancer Risk for Women

The women who sit for long for their leisure or any other reason are likely to increase the risk of having cancer, which include the ovarian or breast cancer among them, suggests one study carried out by a researcher of Indian origin in the US. The study was based at the prestigious institute called the American Cancer Society, which claims that with higher BMI (body mass index) and less physical activity, the women can witness the lethal changes in their body, which bring in the risk of cancer. The same study is also published in the journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and prevention.

The study also suggested that these changes are not seen in the men, which gives fewer chances to the men to have such issue. With the longer leisure-time spent while you site on chair or any other place, it is observed that the higher risk of total cancer risk among women are seen, and specifically with the one who are seen complaining about the multiple myeloma, breast and ovarian cancers. However, the same sitting time, which was not associated with the cancer risk among the men, claimed the study. The study is further carried out for a better understanding about the same among the women.

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