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Prince Aka PRNC

Prince , renowned as PRNC the young rising EDM Artist from DELHI, INDIA.
His tracks ‘STRANGER SOUNDS’ and ‘TALKING TO MYSELF’ released only a month ago and yet reached over 100,000 streams with listeners from over 65 countries in the world on major music streaming platforms.
We did an interview with PRNC himself to talk about his music and get to know this young EDM artist more.

Since this is your first interview, how did it all happened, what got you into EDM and what inspired you to start producing?

I always loved listening to International songs of different genres all the time, back in the days when I was like 11-12 years old I downloaded a software called Virtual DJ just for fun, I was messing around with this for a while and I was putting different effects on the songs as it is not a software for making your own sounds but still for me at that time it was fun playing with it.
Earlier listening to David Guetta, ZEDD, Martin Garrix, Avicii’s music attracted me a lot towards EDM and later when I listened to KSHMR’s music that was the time I got inspired and decided to make some music by myself, I was making music just for fun I didn’t have anything in my mind that I’ll be releasing my own music one day.
A while ago I downloaded FL Studio and was messing around with it too whenever I got the time, later I learnt some things from YouTube as well which helped me to make some sounds and music.

Being a young teenage artist, how do you manage to make your music?

Making music has never been a stressful activity for me, so I only needed to be worried about my studies as I am still a college student right now. Making music is important for me and when something is important enough for you, you free your time no matter what.
I try to finish my college work in college so that rest of the day can be invested in making music.

Being an independent artist, your music has reached over 100,000 plays in a very short period of time and has been listened by over 65 countries in the world, how do you feel about it?

It feels great when people appreciate your work from all around the world, and a couple of months back when my first single got released I didn’t even expect that my music will reach this amount of streams played in more than 65 countries in the world.
Music has no religion no bar it is only felt by heart, I guess this is why people from different countries enjoyed my music and I also get DMs from different people appreciating my work, which highly motivates me to make more music.

What other music genres you listen to apart from EDM?

I listen to many genres, listening to different kind of genres also inspire you to make new sounds and try something new. I listen to Pop music a lot. I like Charlie Puth songs a lot and I also adore Ariana Grande her voice is really mesmerizing.

Do you have any plans to make music of different genres?

I like exploring different genres and making different sounds. I would like to try Pop or hip hop music but you never know what the future holds, so let’s see ;).

What other things you do when you are not making music?

I love watching Hollywood movies and web series, so when I am not making music or studying I watch Netflix and just chill.

Which Bollywood and Hollywood actor movies do you like?

There are many but on top of the list are Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. In Bollywood I like Irrfan Khan and Kartik Aaryan.

List some of your favorite shows and movies

I liked ‘Breaking Bad’ a lot and ‘Suits’ as well and in movies Ocean’s Eleven & La La Land are in my top movies list.

Can you tell us something about your upcoming music?

Currently, I am trying to make something different, so I don’t know when I’ll put some new music out but you’ll know about it when it’ll becoming.

Any message you would like to give your fans and supporters?

Thank You, everyone, for your love and support. All those who listened to my music and appreciated my work, you guys keep me going and inspire me to make new music.
I will be updating you guys when the new music will be coming so stay tuned and keep supporting.

So, this was an Exclusive Interview of ‘PRNC’ – the rising young EDM artist with CINETALKERS and we give him best wishes for his upcoming music in the future.

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