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Priyanka states Nick Jonas is lot neater than I am


Priyanka Chopra recently talks about her husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka says – “That my husband is a lot neater than I am. Because I don’t want to be the messy one in the house, I have started keeping my shoes back, making the bed in the morning.”

She further shares – “He loves eating on the dining table. He can’t eat on the couch which I love doing. I have learnt that at times we have to pivot towards each other. He prefers a dining table for dinner. He is very formal that way. He is super fancy.”

Ellen DeGeneres also asked Priyanka Chopra about the progress on her piano lessons that she had earlier said she was taking during lockdown. She sheepishly replied that her training stopped after two days because she couldn’t get it right. Sharing that her teacher was Nick himself, Priyanka said, “I did for a good two days, and then I was like I can’t. I wasn’t coordinated to do it. It was too hard. He was the one who was trying to teach me and then gave up because I gave up.”

It all happened on the latest episode of The Ellen Show, Priyanka shared that she has become more disciplined than before about maintaining the house after realising that she was the messy one between her and Nick.

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