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Is Priyanka Jagga to be called back in Bigg Boss 10 against the wishes of Salman Khan?

Priyanka Jagga

When Salman Khan kicked out a contestant- Priyanka Jagga from house, it turned out to be the first time ever in the history of Bigg Boss to have someone knocked by the actor. Well, it was Priyanka Jagga who was knocked out from the glass walled house who was shown the exit door by the host for the obvious reasons. It all started with Salman Khan when the lady confronting with him for her misconduct in the house and asked explain for her atrocious behavior.

Reacting to the Salman Khan’s comments, Priyanka Jagga started giving nasty replies and went on the disrespect him. It was obvious that her defiant and arrogant attitude could have ticked off Salman, who wasted no time in throwing her out of the show. While we saw the anger of Salman but the insider sources close to the actor have now revealed that the superstar was not happy in the first place with the channel’s decision of bringing her back on the show under the wild card entry.  He was totally against the channel’s idea to bring her back on the show, but blame it on the poor TRPs, they decided to use Priyanka’s return as a trump card.

While it worked for them and got them the numbers they wanted, Salman is highly pissed and has warned the producers of Bigg Boss to never get her back on the channel, This was not the first time when Priyanka had stooped that low and abused her fellow contestants, she had done the same in the first week inside the house as well, she made some derogatory comments too, which were not aired by the programming team then. But misbehaving with Salman was the last nail to the coffin. But thanks to the TRP rating she is back to the show despite all the differences she had with Salman Khan.

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