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Yippee! Priyanka Choudhary hailed by netizens for choosing Ankit Gupta, Celebs are impressed too!

Priyanka Choudhary was asked to press the buzzer and evict Ankit Gupta and bring back the lost Rs. 25 lakh. However, she chose her friendship over prize money and came out of the confession room without pressing the buzzer. The Udaariyaan actress in the latest episode said that she would have been considered wrong in both situations. She is regarded as wrong by the housemates for losing the chance to bring back prize money, but she would have been blamed for betraying her friend if she had done that. We completely agree with Priyanka Choudhary, and yes, she played fair yet again.

Everyone is aware of the genuine bond that PriyAnkit shares, so saving Ankit was an obvious and right decision. While the housemates criticised her for losing a chance to regain prize money, netizens are hailing the Udaariyaan actress for her brave and honest decision. Twitter is flooded with praise for the actress right now, and everyone is appreciating her bold step.


Well, this latest stint in the controversial reality show has gained huge hype, and everyone feels that Bigg Boss is always unfair to PriyAnkit, while this time he played dirty. We have seen Bigg Boss target Priyanka-Ankit in most of the episodes, which angers their fans. Internet is talking about it right now, and users are even saying that BB has joined hands with mandali to make Priyanka and Ankit’s survival in the game more difficult.

Fans are hailing Priyanka Choudhary and calling her a winner of the show. Not just fans, even celebs, are amazed by her decision, and we aren’t surprised as she is the one who deserves it. Former Bigg Boss contestants Rajiv Adatia and Kamya Punjabi have sided with the Udaariyaan actress, supporting her decision to save Ankit. They also stated that the audience would decide who would stay and who would leave.


Sajid Khan is known for his double standards inside the house. From criticising TV actors to flipping in the game, he has done it all without any guilt. However, Priyanka Choudhary slayed it as she gave a befitting response to the filmmaker, saying she isn’t required to justify herself as viewers are seeing everything and understand it better. Her point is proven, as she has received massive support from fans for her decision.

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