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Priyanka Chopra’s Ex Secretary Reveals Star’s Ugly Side

priyanka-chopra and prakash-jaju

Priyanka Chopra is known for making headlines for many reasons, some time for her performance, the other time for giving a steamy sex sequence in the US based TV series but this time she is the news for personal front. If you remember, she had her secretary called Prakash Jaju, who was fired sometime before by Priyanka Chopra. As per the recent buzz, the ex secretary has targeted PC’s family and her father hurling some serious allegations.

This controversy all started when Priyanka fired this man from the job. Later, the news came from Prakash that Priyanka owes his money, which she is not willing to give him. Prakash revealed that Priyanka came in contact with a local gangster to deal this matter, which made Priyanka and her father to raise complaints agains this man to the police in 2008 alleging that he tried to enter into the privacy zone of the actress. This kept Prakash behind the bars for around 67 days. Now, Prakash in his series of Tweets about PC alleged that Priyanka has been rude to him during the employment.

He also said that the lady actor had an affair with one of the married B Town actor and also called her father to be a criminal mind man. Prakash has also alleged that it was Priyanka’s father who has entered those messages in his cell phone for her daughter, which made him go behind the bars. Its noteworthy that Priyanka along with her alleged boy friend Asim Merchant were planning to make a film called 67 days, which was based on the life of her secretary, however, when the matter got disclosed, she sent a legal notice to Asim to stop the film and later called this to be a rumour. Though there is no reaction has come on this issue by PC, but the fact of the matter is, she could be now in trouble for her ill treatment with her ex-employee

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